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Surrey Dyslexia specialises in providing both bespoke teaching and specialist assessment for children, helping to build their self-esteem and develop their individual learning strategies. Teaching on a one-to-one basis either within school or at home, our team takes pride in providing an approach that is individually tailored to each child. Our highly qualified specialist assessors each hold an Assessment Practicing Certificate with PATOSS and have many years’ experience in assessing children. We are offering online teaching during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Specialist Teaching

Our team of specialist teachers offer the very best level of one-to-one support for individual pupils in both literacy and numeracy. This may involve several sessions weekly within a short duration or it may involve a less intense but more enduring period of lessons to support them alongside the school curriculum.


An assessment can provide a valuable insight into the particular difficulties facing a child, and the team at Surrey Dyslexia offer a tailored approach to assessing. A full assessment aims to obtain a detailed picture of the child’s underlying ability, cognitive skills and attainments. Assessors are qualified to make a diagnosis of dyslexia (where this is relevant) and to make referrals and recommendations to school, parents and specialist teacher (where necessary). A comprehensive report is written, including suggestions for exam concessions (access arrangements) if need be, together with supporting documentation.  

A Case Study

Alice’s story

Alice was a happy and enthusiastic child, who loved school life and worked hard, but found maths extremely difficult. Following formal assessment she was found to be dyscalculic and it was recommended that a series of one-to-one lessons with a specialist teacher would help her explore ways to make maths more accessible.

Alice found that she was a very visual learner, and that when numbers were presented in particular colours and shapes she was able to grasp concepts more easily.

Similarly, helping her to learn number facts by layering her learning, using interactive devices, songs and patterns, the basic foundations of maths came easily to her.
From here, Alice’s natural ability and diligence took over, and she started to actually enjoy maths classes. Finding an alternative route to numbers had unlocked her natural potential.

A Word

 From Our Director


“I trained as a Specialist Teacher and worked with children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) in the Independent Sector for many years, also teaching for several years within the State Sector. I came across an infinite variety of profiles and this sparked my interest in understanding how a child’s underlying ability, cognitive skills and attainments can be pieced together, in the context of background information, to enable the formulation of a cohesive way forward for that child. I hold an Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC) with PATOSS and I now carry out formal assessments full time – I love my work! 

There is a great need for highly qualified, empathetic specialist teachers, and over the years Surrey Dyslexia has been fortunate to gather together a wonderful, dedicated team. Through carefully targeted one-to-one support our specialist teachers really are making a difference to the lives of many of our students. I enjoy the role I play in liaising with parents, school staff and specialist teachers to ensure the smooth running of lessons on a daily basis.

Do be in touch if you are considering a formal assessment and/or one-to-one lessons for your child. I will be pleased to discuss this with you”

– Ann Behn, Director

Our centre

Other services we offer

Besides specialist teaching and assessment, the team at Surrey Dyslexia are also delighted to offer a range of other services, including staff training and presentations.

Staff Training

Surrey Dyslexia is delighted to offer tailored presentations and workshops for staff training. These may range from short informal discussions about individual pupils to more structured presentations on specific learning difficulties and how these may present in the classroom.

Group Teaching

There are occasions when some aspects of learning support may be delivered in a small group situation, particularly when pupils are within the same academic year, or are working towards shared objectives.

meet the team

Surrey Dyslexia has a growing team, all supported by an accounts director. Our team of teachers in Hampshire covers a wide geographical radius.

All of our specialist teachers hold a Level 5 qualification and several hold Level 7. Our assessors hold a Level 7 Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC) with PATOSS.

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